Here Emma Salt one of Shottle Hall’s very own Wedding coordinators explains why a June Wedding has always been the perfect month to say I do


With the turn of the clocks still fresh in our minds and the night’s drawing out we are now all getting very excited for the bright summer months ahead here at Shottle Hall.

Traditionally June has always been the most popular month for a wedding but this was due to more practical reasons rather than the hope of good weather. The popularity of a June wedding originates from the days of the Roman Empire and the festival of Juno, the Roman Goddess of marriage & childbirth. It was hoped that if you married in Juno’s month then you would be protected and watched over by her.


The ancient brides also picked up on the practicality of a June wedding and from looking at these you can see why the tradition has stood the test of time…

The month of May was when people tended to have their annual baths therefore a June wedding would mean fresher smelling guests, the bouquets traditionally were there to disguise the scent of unwashed guests and clothes.

A June wedding generally meant that the new wife would conceive her baby early enough to still be able to help with the annual harvest and would be due to give birth in spring, therefore being fully recovered in time for the following year’s harvest.

A spring baby also meant a healthier baby as they wouldn’t have the harsh winter weather to contend with in the first few months of their lives.

Today the tradition of a June wedding continues for many reasons, the main one being the weather.

An outside wedding is many brides dream, and our Coach House Marquee Pavilion looks beautiful when the sun is shining. Last year we had twice as many outside ceremonies in June than we did in both July & August so a June date should definitely be something to consider for those looking for a wedding in the great outdoors!


The good weather also provides a wider range of flowers making your bouquets and centrepieces much more affordable when using the popular lily, carnation and hydrangea as they are all in season. With the beautiful June blooms and the Summer solstice taking place in June, the longer warmer evenings set the scene for a perfect summer themed Wedding.

After the excitement and planning of the big day you will certainly be ready for a break away and a time to relax together as Husband & Wife. Yes you’ve guessed it the honeymoon, and what better months to take some time out than the end of June or early July before the school holidays and the high season price rises.

Honeymoons have always been a popular tradition for newlyweds as my last little bit of trivia shows….The word ‘Honeymoon’ originated from the first full moon after the summer solstice which is called the Honey Moon, again highlighting the popularity of a June Wedding throughout history.

So if you’re looking at becoming a “June Bride” and taking advantage of the long Summer days and traditions that have stood the test of time, contact us to see what availability we have for June 2018.