The Wedding and Events team all took part in a photo shoot with Emma Clevely last week, with the aim of putting together some profile pictures for our blog posts. With the recent trend and popularity of the photo booth we also thought we would quite like to have a go ourselves.

The fun begins.....

Emma came up to Shottle with a few of her props to give us a taste of the unique way she captures the happy couples and their guests on the Wedding days.  I must admit if we could have this much fun on a Tuesday afternoon  at work, we can only imagine the amusing poses and entertaining images that come out after a few glasses of wine on the big day itself.

The fun continues with some new props!!


We thought that you might want to see some of our attempts that went into getting those all-important profile shots. We have even included some of the outtakes for your own amusement!

The team with some interesting poses!


As we carried on the Afternoon there was some "deliberate" mistakes that occurred with a few of the poses! Can you spot one on the Image of the Wedding coordinators below?

Yes you've guessed Emma is playing her trumpet upside down.. Very musical Emma, in fact I think it is safe to say a music career is not on the cards for any of us!

The moment that we realised the mistake!!

The Shottle Hall Wedding coordinators

Don't give up the day Job ladies!! Don't give up the day Job ladies!!

After all the fun and frivolity of the Afternoon we had our profile pictures completed, which ones we chose you will soon see.  We would like to say a huge thanks to Emma for coming up for the Afternoon and making it a fun task with a great end result.

A selection of the final few A selection of the final few

If you want to know about Emma Clevely and her photo booth she will exhibiting at our Open Day on Sunday 27th April.